Revitalizing The Queensway

The Queensway

The Queensway Community

With its close proximity to major arterial roads, nearby attractions like High Park and Lake Ontario, The Queensway district can be a first class retail and dinning destination for residents of Ward 5.

As the next City Councillor for Ward 5, my number one priority will be to clean-up and revitalize The Queensway district alongside local residents and business owners who understand what potential a distinctively safe, vibrant, and beautiful Queensway, can bring to our community.

A thriving main street is the heart of a neighbourhood,supported by the effort of the people who live, work and thrive there”
Justin Di Ciano

Queensway residents deserve a retail and dinning district that provides great choices and services. From specialty retail outlets like; coffee houses, flower and gift shops, books and home decor stores, fresh fruit and vegetable stands, exciting restaurants and patios, and most importantly, a streetscape that is inviting and comfortable for all residents to enjoy.

To accomplish The Queensway revitalization plan, I will:

  • Establish a Business Improvement Area (BIA) allowing businesses to work together on projects aimed at stimulating additional business traffic. Our main focus will be to improve the attractiveness of the area. By establishing a BIA on the Queensway, the City will partner with local business to help pay for store front capital improvements and beautification.

  • Create ‘Friends of The Queensway’ Residents Association that will play a leading role in helping to define what shops, services, and developments residents want to see and support within a revitalized Queensway district. A renewal plan, supported and designed by residents, will be an effective tool in attracting new businesses to the Queensway.

  • Utilize the Financial Incentive Programs available from City Hall to bring the capital funds required to help beautify the Queensway streetscape with projects such as decorative pedestrian lighting, kiosks, banners, theme signage, landscaping, and decorative street furniture.

  • Advertise a Business Attraction Initiative Program that promotes our communities capable work force, nearby attractions, and great potential to prospective business owners and property developers who will bring the investment and growth our community is seeking.

  • Place Massive Pressure on Unwanted Businesses that should not be operating in a residential neighbourhood through increased police presence and community activism to send a clear message that it will be difficult to do business in OUR great neighbourhood.

Benefits of a Revitalized Queensway

  • More Jobs & Opportunity for local residents and youth.

  • More options and reasons for residents to stay local.

  • Increased property values for homeowners.

  • Exciting and Vibrant environment for residents & visitors to walk and shop.

  • Better capability of attracting great new businesses.

6 Responses to “The Queensway”

  1. Justin 27 Jul, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    I think this is outstanding idea. you got my vote.

  2. Gerardo 08 Aug, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    I would love to see the Queensway revitalized but I am skeptic that we will be able to get enough commercial development (as suggested on the promo picture which looks like Bloor West Village) without a higher density along this corridor and some other type of transit. Have you thought about those type of things? What do you think could be possible to do short term and long term?

  3. Howard 20 Aug, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    To help attract more residential developments along the Queensway (local pedestrian traffic is the lifeblood of any community), reducing the current 6 lanes of traffic down to 4 (between Islington & Kipling) could be replaced with wider sidewalks, tree canopies, benches and bike lanes. Traffic studies could be conducted to prove that this would be feasible from a transportation point of view.

    Once residential density develops further along, retail, public institutions such as libraries, community centres,colleges, etc. can be sustained and thrive. The Queensway has alot of potential due to its location and large vacant spaces ripe for multi-unit residential developments. Private developers will play a key role in the revitilization and their efforts should be allied with the city as they’re doing successfully downtown.

  4. Bernard 06 Sep, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    There is grea potential between parklawn and islington, there already exists a few nice restaurants but a lot of dead space in between. As the residents improve with new developements, condos and townhome rebuilds it will create a demand for better businesses.


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  2. Torontoist: This Ain’t The Village | Toronto Election News - 18 Aug, 2010

    [...] some Googling hard research, and a trip to Di Ciano’s campaign site, we determined that the photo was actually of Bloor West Village: Bloor Street West, near Runnymede [...]